Romantic trips: Nemi, the pretty village of the Castelli Romani, famous for its strawberries ...

It is the place of strawberries, but it is not the famous film directed and scripted by Ingmar Bergman, it is Nemi, a charming village of the Castelli Romani, famous, precisely, for its strawberries. The same ones enriching tasty chantilly cakes and whipped cream, sugar and lemon. A true goodness!
Just like in Marseille, every corner smells of soap, in Nemi every spring has a smell of spring strawberries. From June 1922m, the strawberry is celebrated by an extraordinary festival.
A sensual fruit, a mythological connection with Adonis and Venus. According to mythology, when Adonis died, Venus cried so much, so that her tears arrived on on earth and turned into red fruits in the shape of a heart: the strawberries.
A romantic and sensual fruit as the graceful strawberry village is. Nemi is a wonderful pearl set on the shores of the lake of volcanic origin with the same name, with its breathtaking landscapes, belonging to the volcanic complex of the Alban Hills.
A stone's throw from Rome, you will find a delightful medieval village, so beautiful that it was represented by several artists including Jean-Baptiste Corot and William Turner.

The village of Lazio is the smallest town of Castelli Romani, and for this reason, it is the perfect place for your romantic holiday. Everything is people-oriented, and the voice doesn't get lost in the chaos of tourism. Words have an eternal sound and an incomparable value.
An ideal destination for couples like you, always looking for romance and beauty, Nemi with its enchanting sunsets, fresh and sparkling air, the woods of linden, maple and oak, with the waters of its lake, where you can bath into a revitalizing water and taking romantic walks in the moonlight is a perfect setting for a romantic holiday for two. Not surprisingly, it actually is rumored in front of the waters of this magical village lovers from all over the world have ventured into declarations of love.

Nemi: love and archeology
From the bottom of the most romantic lake of Lazio, in addition to the crowning of Romeo and Juliet's worthy loves, to touching marriage proposals and incredibly passionate promises of love, two Roman ships were also found, wanted by the emperor Caligula, whose remains can be admired in the rooms of the Museo delle Navi Romane. It will be possible to learn about the precious archaeological finds found on the site of Ardea and Satricum, as well as discovering the cemeteries and settlements of the Roman Castles of the imperial era.
After visiting the museum, along a road called Via Diana, to make your holiday more exciting and exciting, you can try your hand at a thrilling excursion through the Periplus of Lake Nemi, an enchanted territory famous for the strong peculiarity of its inhabitants.
In addition to a beautiful landscape, your first interesting meeting will be a votive shrine, and then, taking a path that runs along the lake, you will admire the excavations, still in progress, of a majestic Roman residence.
Immediately after the mouth of the emissary of Lake Nemi, a praiseworthy work of hydraulic engineering from the Roman era will welcome you. Its gallery is still pedestrian. We recommend it!
Beyond the emissary, your path will continue to around the lake: your eyes will be filled by the irresistible beauty of a flora and aquatic fauna able to excite. In this corner of paradise, music is the sound of nature.
On the way back, a paved road that has replaced the dirt road, will lead you to the Temple of Diana Nemorense, an ancient rectangular building with a circular altar, where the Goddess was worshiped.

Nemi palazzi
Passing through the streets of the historical centre
Not only hiking, your holiday in Nemi also includes moments of relaxation to discover the country beauties.
The historical centre of Nemi extends over a hill overlooking the lake set in the greenery and perfectly preserves its medieval and Renaissance features.
It is a historical centre that is an open-air treasure. Do not miss a visit to the medieval church of Santa Maria del Pozzo, a single-nave architectural structure with side chapels and transept. Inside the building, it will be possible to admire an organ from 1847 that comes from the church of the Ara Coeli in Rome. The wooden Triptych by Antonio Aquili, better known as Antoniazzo Romano is also worth of a visit.
It is interesting to know that, according to legend, near the well of the church, the Virgin Mary appeared to some girls.
Among the medieval buildings you can't miss the marvelous Palazzo Ruspoli, a structure built by the Counts of Tusculum during the period of their Colli Albani domination.
The medieval building, together with marbles of great value and Renaissance elements, consists of a circular tower and a large terrace from where you can admire the extraordinary landscape of the village.

Beyond the strawberries: the typical delicacies of Nemi
In addition to the delicious strawberries, Nemi is also famous for its rich butchery, its fine honeys and its mushrooms.
Once in the village, you cannot miss the typical dishes of its cuisine. Taste the delicious Fettuccine with Porcini mushrooms, the typical soup of Gialloni, the famous polenta with sausages, the pizza stuffed with vegetables and mixed with corn flour, the codfish and, if you like offals, the delicious Coratella with broad beans.
After visiting the village, enjoying an exciting excursion and the local cuisine, you can spend a few hours to visit the beauties around the country. First of all, Castel Gandolfo, the famous summer residence of the popes, where, upon payment of a ticket, you can visit the Pontifical residences.

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