Romantic Rome: an early morning walk on the steps of Piazza di Spagna will make you discover a place with timeless romanticism...

Timeless walking
Many tourists envy those who live in Rome because its atmospheres can only be breathed in this city full of magic. Far from the frenzy that distinguishes the capital like any other metropolis in the world, our suggestion is to discover the city in moments when time seems to stop.
Especially if you are a couple looking for unforgettable moments, twist your habits and get out of the conventions getting up early to wander in a context where there is no traffic that will gather a few hours later. Reach the historical centre by a leisurely walk to admire the beautiful Baroque and Rome Umbertine palaces characterized by their yellow-orange colours showing the signs of the time slipped over them fleeing away. You reach a desert Corso Vittorio and the marvelous Piazza Navona. The shops are still closed and a bar is just opening its noisy gray painted shutter where nervous strokes with a coloured spray left un unfinished work.
Piazza Spagna
A small group of pigeons look for some crumbs to fill in the folds of the pavement while the mighty fountain in the centre of the square continues to do its job, leaving the task of filling the silences with a continuous flush of water. A light layer of mist gracefully rises suggesting it will be a hot but wet morning and everything around you is dominated by an unreal silence. There are no street artists and there is not even a Japanese tourist compulsively catching pictures. But on the other hand, you, enjoying an unrepeatable moment because it is your first time discovering a city still able to amaze without the need of its well-known monuments.
Breathe as in a Zen discipline the fizzy air around you and, hand in hand, continue to explore the city through Corso Rinascimento where two guards stand at the Senate headquarters. Now that you have reached the small square of Sant'Eustachio, take one of the most delicious coffees in the world and then arrive at the Pantheon. Also there the magic you have just experienced in Piazza Navona takes place again, but it is so unusual to find this deserted place that you can start your imagination and, why not, even give yourself a romantic kiss.
Continuing to walk along Via de 'Pastini to reach Via del Corso, stop in the small Vicolo Spada d'Orlando to admire a block of marble belonging to an ancient column placed on one side of the alley with an incision in the middle: the legend tells it was the sign left by the legendary Durlindana brandished by the brave paladin. Now that you have reached the Corso, cross it to find yourself a stone's throw from the most famous fountain in the world, the giant Trevi Fountain.
Even if you don't believe in legends, give them your back and throw a coin backwards to respect the belief that those who make this gesture are destined to return to Rome.

Looking for magic
After admiring the deserted and majestic square, go on the streets on your left that will take you to Via del Tritone where you will surely find some buses passing by. Continue in the network of narrow streets that you find without being afraid of getting lost... all the streets lead to the most elegant street in Rome: via Condotti. In the luxury shopping street at that time boutiques are closed but you can admire the shop windows dreaming, perhaps, of buying a Bulgari or a Cartier jewel.
Via dei Condotti connects via del Corso with Piazza di Spagna crossing it right in the centre of the Trinità dei Monti staircase, introduced by the famous Barcaccia fountain.
The steps of the imposing staircase are enriched by the traditional vases of white and purple flowers placed there every spring to embellish something already extraordinarily beautiful in itself. The city is still deserted even if you can see some passers-by who hurriedly walk to go to work and some taxis that reach their destination. However, you can still taste the magic of a city where time seems not to exist and you are thinking about scenes of Rome you have never known but only seen in some black and white movies. Flavours, smells, noises and voices of a past time still stuck to those old walls of buildings you have only touched enjoying an atmosphere you were unaware of.
Now that you have shared this romantic walk with your partner, you suddenly feel exhausted but not because of the walking path you have done, but by the weight of a present that contrasts with the romanticism of a past you have only intuited and fantasized inside your head.
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