Romantic Rome: a romantic tour on a historical tram, tasing your dinner accompanied by jazz music...

Nowadays, we know how important experience is, especially on holiday. We want the couples we host to experience an unparalleled moment, especially in a city like Rome offering so many opportunities.
Among the several possibilities, we propose a romantic tour by a tram, which will make your stay in the Eternal City unforgettable. This formula has actually been proposed in many other Italian capitals, receiving a great approval. This experience has also been considerably successful in Rome, because it allows you to discover some districts of the capital and admire the ancient beauty of the historical centre. With this romantic tour you will combine the peculiarities of the Lazio cuisine with the history and the traditions of Rome. The idea is that of a real tour inside by tram, with background jazz music: the atmosphere, strictly by candlelight, will be so, intimate almost old-style. In addition, you will experience an exclusive moment , in close contact with the main monuments and streets of Rome: you can chat with your partner and observe the panorama of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, enjoying high quality food. You will feel pampered and cradled at all times, with the staff ready to respond to your needs and requirements.
A tram, a thousand unique proposals
The tram tour is designed to accommodate 38 people: a limited number of places is necessary to create a relaxed and quite atmosphere, avoiding the constant chatter of some restaurants. It actually is a tour especially designed for couples, as a real moment of sharing: you will have a new experience together, in a vintage but totally renovated environment. Just everything, in this unique evening, is designed to enchant you, starting from jazz musicians: not only nationally and internationally renowned artistsare hosted every week, but also emerging authors only locally known. This kind of music, particularly relaxing, will be able to touch the strings of your soul and make you enjoy this moment of the couple. Another highlight of the evening are the dishes, highly sought after and reworked by the chefs. Food will be taken care of by the Palatium wine shop, which created ad hocdishes for the occasion, with raw materials of quality. The idea is to bring the best dishes of the Lazio tradition to the table, so as to make you live a360° sensory experience. For this reason, it was decided to involve the main local producers, who offer products guaranteed by PDO and PGIbrands. The dinner will be accompanied by excellent wine or beer made by entrepreneurs in the area, who love the area and know its features. The desire of the tour actually is to make a cultural experience also a culinary one, with 0 km products able to enhance the peculiarities of a region so rich in proposals.
In three hours you will have the opportunity to visitthe most spectacular locations in Rome, from an atypical observation point: the departure is scheduled from Piazza di Porta Maggiore, then S. Lorenzo, Viale Regina Margherita, Valle Giulia, S. Cross in Jerusalem, St. John up to the Roman Forum, to end the evening right in front of the Colosseum. The tour is designed for the evening: so you can get to know the night charm of the capital, focusing on details that, between city chaos and sunlight, otherwise you would not be able to see.

Genuine proposal and quality: these are the watchwords of the historical tram
The tour by historical tram is a unique and unrepeatable opportunity, which we advise you not to miss for any reason: you will immediately get in touch with the genuine taste of Roman cuisine, considered one of the tastiest in Italy. In addition, you will attend a live jazz concert, enjoying all the magic released by such a moment.
The tour actually is an excellent occasion to spend a different evening with your partner, but also a very popular gift idea. Many people decide to take advantage of this romantic proposal to make a surprise to your loved one and to share anew experiencetogether. It is a thought that will leave your partner pleasantly surprised, who will be happy to share this adventure with the person he loves. Needless to deny that eating and traveling are the most preferred activities by couples, because they are the moments of greater union and intimacy. Many people decide to give their partner a stay in Rome and a tram tour, so as to live two different experiences in the same city. Others chose instead this proposal because they wanted to escape from the routine for a few hours, giving themselves a unique moment. However, everyone agrees in defining the romantic dinner by tram, a proposal able to offer couple experience moments of absolute tranquility and light-heartedness. It is ideal if you appreciate details, because you will be welcomed in a refined and romantic environment: the soft lights and the music contribute to create an exclusive but welcoming environment, to be lived with your partner. This will allow you to dedicate time to your relationship which, at times, due to daily worries, can be overlooked. This kind of proposal, however will offer you the opportunity to find feeling and the affinity, looking into each other's eyes and forgetting, at least for a while, what normally worries you. The aim of the tour is to be inclusive at the most: it is a product designed for couples of any age, which agrees young and old people, because it is able to offer an excellent quality in an unmissable location. This probably is the aspect that has convinced even the most skeptical: the opportunity to dine in the heart of a splendid city, observing the continuous mix of ancient ruins and modern beauties.

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