Romantic Excursions: a walk along the romantic Trevignano Romano lakefront on Lake Bracciano

Rome is beautiful in any season of the year, so much so that it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world: it is loved for its history and its monuments, located in every corner of the city, and for the peculiar atmosphere you breathe there. It is indeed one of the favorite cities of couples who want to spend time in total relax. You'll love Rome and its neighbouring towns, because they are welcoming, rich in culture and good food. Lazio is the ideal destination for any type of traveller who will be enchanted by the beauties of this region: it offers many opportunities and brings together city and nature lovers, given the numerous green areas it hosts.

Staying outside Rome: an increasingly popular opportunity
Especially in recent years, more and more couples seeking tranquility decide to stay outside Rome. This will allow you to avoid the chaos and to breathe clean air, also giving a look at the many other scenic areas. There are so many unmissable destinations, perhaps less known than the classic stages, but equally noteworthy. Staying outside the city, moreover, it will be easier for you to plan the transfers, especially if you want to visit different areas every day. You will get away from the more touristy places, coming into contact with true Roman essence and you will be fascinated by the overwhelming sympathy of the Romans. The idea of opting for an out-of-town hotel is an excellent solution if you love fun and culture, but also long walks. Not everyone knows that in the province of Rome there are many possibilities to get in touch with the uncontaminated nature, ideal for doing some movement immersed in the greenoutdoor. There are really so many opportunities, especially in the northern area of the capital. We recommend the Lake Bracciano in Trevignano Romano, perfect for a trip out of town for a couple or for a romantic weekend.

Trevignano Romano, a splendid and romantic location
This Lazio village can be reached from Rome and from Civitavecchia in just under an hour by car. Alternatively, you can rely on the rail connections: with the FR3 line (towards Viterbo or Bracciano) you will arrive at the Bracciano station in just over an hour by train. Trevignano Romano is one of the three villages located near Lake Bracciano, together with Anguillara and Sabazia. There you can take long walks, but also visit the artistic and cultural heritage of the area. It is an ideal place, where you can also stop in the evening for a romantic aperitif or a dinner overlooking the lake. You will discover the typical feature of a country anchored to traditions, able to preserve history and roots. You can also visit the Orsini-Odescalchi Castle, from where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view over the whole lake. In this splendid setting, there is the Regional Natural Park of Bracciano-Martignano, where you can quietly walk. There are many paths of varying duration and difficulty: they are all designed to discover the territory, with its beautiful landscapes. You will have the possibility to move around by bike or on foot, depending on your preferences. In any case it is a beautiful couple experience, to live together!

Lake Bracciano, perfect for a love walk
The Lake Bracciano is one of the largest in Italy, as well as being an ideal destination for a romantic excursion: it has a circular shape, because it was born from a volcanic crater; it is a very popular destination, both for a morning-to-night trip and as a destination for a different weekend. We recommend a Trevignano Romano lakeside walk, an ideal location to admire the spectacle of nature together. The different shades of colour and the peculiarities of nature will amaze you, especially at sunset. This is a real oasis of peace, where to spend some absolute relaxing time. So you can immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere, walking around the lake and admiring its fauna and flora. The walk is designed to be simple and affordable for everyone and aims to offer many panoramic views. From the panorama it is possible to admire the uncontaminated nature and the lake, offering a show of rare beauty. If you haven't been there yet, we suggest you organize a trip to Lake Bracciano. The landscape is unmissable and it will enchant you, for its unique charm.
Romantic excursion on Lake Bracciano: some advice
This small village, initially inhabited by farmers and fishermen, is able to offer you many different proposals. On the lakeside of Trevignano Romano, in addition to the walk, you cannot miss a romantic ride by boat: also this depends on your tastes, but if you love it, it is an unmissable occasion.
The lake is an evergreen destination, because it is appreciated in any season of the year. When it is warmer, we suggest you to have a nice walk, with some stops along the way. You can stop in one of the several bars and restaurants in the area, where you can taste the typical products. Many of these directly look onto the lake, offering a truly unique view! If you like swimming, especially in summer, you will find this perfect place for a refreshing stop. There are various small beaches, where you can relax and get some sun. For those who cannot reach Lake Bracciano in spring or summer, we recommend a winter excursion. You will thus be able to discover another side of the lake: less colourful, but more intimate and equally fascinating . It is not a coincidence, that several couples choose Trevignano Romano as a location to celebrate Valentine's day, the feast of lovers. In short, you will love this beautiful lake in any season, because it can create an atmosphere of times gone by. The blue surface of the lake, the surrounding nature and the friendliness of the locals are just a few reasons why many couples decide to return to Lake Bracciano every year, a perfect place for dreamers and romantic people.

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