Romantic Excursions: a romantic trip to the Parco degli Acquedotti, including ancient Roman archaeological finds and uncontaminated nature

Among the various trips or excursions you can plan during the summer, excellent destinations to be considered are those able to combine uncontaminated nature and culture. This double possibility attracts any traveller, but above all couples looking for a romantic moment to be shared. We often struggle to create the perfect situation perfect, maybe thousands of miles far from us, to escape from the routine, everyday tasks and stress. There actually are many other possibilities, certainly more simple and romantic, at your fingertips.

Rome, a great idea for a moment of escape
Many cities, especially in Italy, offer couples the possibility of relaxing themselves, but also to discover places little known and rich in ancient beauties.
Among the various places of our peninsula, it is impossible to forget Rome, considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a real open-air museum, so much that defining a detailed itinerary to visit it is impossible: every time you will be dazzled by something you did not foresee and you will stop to admire it or shoot it. The city is ancient, rich in history and artifacts, and it holds an unexpected record in Europe: it is the city with the largest number of green areas. The numerous parks and the existing residences, once owned by noble families, today are the refuge (especially in spring and summer) of Romans and foreigners looking for tranquility.
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Parco degli Acquedotti
A place able to offer an irresistible mix, able to mix history and nature is the Parco degli Acquedotti, located between Rome and Colli Albani. Perhaps less known than other parks in Rome, it is an ideal stop for everyone, especially for couples who want to relax together, without renouncing to visit the archaeological finds of the Eternal City. The other reason leading many people to visit this location, even for just a few hours, is its position: not far from the historical centre, it can be easily reached by any means, especially the underground (the stop is Subaugusta- M1).
The area deserves to be seen at least once in a lifetime. It actually is characterized by the presence of seven aqueducts (AnioVetus and AnioNovus, AquaMarcia, Tepula, Iulia, Aqua Claudia and Acquedotto Felice), which supplied the ancient city. In the past, the area was known as Old Rome and, especially in the 1970s, it was expropriated by numerous shantytowns hidding much of the route, which now can be travelled, alone or in groups. Despite this, however, abusive constructions arose. The will to recover the area started from some citizens of the area, who created a Park Protection Committee. The request was welcomed by the institutions, eager to give a new face to this natural and artistic jewel, which enjoys a timeless charm. Today, the space is part of a protected area, the Appia Antica Regional Park, and it is a place particularly appreciated by directors, so much that it was chosen as the setting of numerous movies, including Mamma Roma and La grande bellezza.

A great chance for a couple hike
A trip to the Parco degli Acquedotti truly is an unforgettable moment, especially if spent with your partner: you can quietly walk immersed in the green, having archaeological finds of all kinds at your fingertips, admiring the majestic arches of the aqueducts running parallel to the long tree-lined avenues.
Being a unique moment for the couple, the ideal would be to be able to get there before sunset, which will make the atmosphere even more romantic. This is combined with the possibility of breathing good air in a unique setting: the green lung of the city, with its 240 hectares of extension is rich in arboreal vegetation, in particular of maritime pines, as well as a lake and a waterfall. It should be visited in any season, but in the spring and summer the park gets charmer: it is possible to walk immersed in ancient ruins, surrounded by fruit trees and flowers of any kind.

Couples usually freely walk, although for those preferring planned tours it is also possible to follow a route, of about one hour and a half not particularly demanding. There actually are excursions allowing you to visit the aqueducts and the other historical-archaeological evidences of the Park. It is the typical moment when the couple can be guided, among fun facts, myth and nature, and simply enjoy the moment, by a tour guide able to transmit thesoul of the territory, giving advice and suggestions of any kind.
A great idea to make the most of this beautiful location is a picnic: eating immersed in nature really is the best, even more so if you are two! The possibility of sharing this moment accompanied by excellent food will make unique this excursion, differentiating it from any other stop in a restaurant. The fundamental rule in these cases is one: leave the park clean, just as you found it.
Another possibility, recommended for the sporting and always in motion couples, is to take full advantage of the beauty of the Parco degli Acquedotti with a running or a bike ride. There actually are numerous sites dedicated to finding all the information necessary for the paths to follow, generally not requiring peculiar commitment. It is a healthy way to spend a different day, in full respect of the environment and with the possibility of admiring the surrounding panorama.
For lovers of meditation and those who want to dedicate themselves to their psycho-physical well-being, there are yoga courses, open-air activities that will give you the possibility to totally immerse yourself in the sounds and the 1748 smells offered by this splendid environment, with the aim of making your body relax. This is a real embrace with the earth and with the surrounding environment that, in a frame like this, will become an experience able to amplify your emotions and to be certainly repeated together.

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