Romantic Excursions: a boat trip to the enchanting island of Ponza and its splendid bays with crystal clear sea

Ponza is an excellent destination for those who live in Rome and are looking for a few relaxing days, but also for tourists who decided to stay in the capital. Many people aactually decide to give up the chaos and the city heat for a few days to move to the sea, especially during the summer. On the island of Ponza, everybody can regenerate in tranquility, between sun, crystal clear water and excellent food. If you are lovers of the sea it truly is a perfect choice, able to combine culture, nature and Caribbean beaches. Ponza is ideal for families, but especially for the couples: it can actually be reached in a short time from the mainland and is much more peculiar than other seaside resorts on the Roman coast.

Ponza, the island of dreams
Ponza is located in the Gulf of Gaeta and, with 40 km of jagged beaches, it is the largest of the Ponzine islands and you can get around it very well on foot, by bike or scooter (circulation by car is instead prohibited to non-residents in the summer months). Given its handiness, it is the favourite destination of many couples, who choose it for a romantic excursion; it can actually be reached from Formia, Terracina, Anzio, San Felice del Circeo and Naples: the average journey time is about two hours, exept from the Neapolitan capital, as they are three. The speed of travel also depends on the vehicle used: the ferry boat takes longer to get to Ponza, while the fast one (and also more expensive) halves the times. In addition to the fact that this island is easily accessible from various locations, what attracts many tourists certainly is the atmosphere. It is a truly magic place, ideal for nature lovers, those who like the crystalline sea: its territory actually is mainly hilly, with rocky and jagged beaches of volcanic origin. If you want to visit the island, you can do it discovering its numerous archaeological remains: it actually is possible to visit the necropolis and the residences Roman, on the promontory of the Madonna Island. There are a series of routes to discover the island: in addition to their excellent panoramic views, they are also an excellent opportunity to carry out an activity together with your partner. You will be enchanted by the charm of a place that has preserved its identity , offering tourists hospitality. In addition to this, there is a truly unique sea, considered one of the cleanest in the Mediterranean.

Bays: suggestions
In Ponza there is really spoiled for choice, as in every corner of the island there are several bays, secluded, but almost all equipped, in case you need a ceach chair or un umbrella to shelter you from the heat; moreover, each one has its aesthetic peculiarities, even if not all of them can be reached through specific paths. For this reason, we recommend a boat tour, an alternative and different experience that you will surely like.
Among the bays, we recommend those in the western part of the island, very romantic, especially at sunset. If you love snorkeling you are in the right place: equipped with a mask and snorkel you can admire the maritime beauties of this small Mediterranean island; it is an activity loved by couples, who can spend time together and enjoy the beautiful backdrops. During the day, you can get lost among the little bars in Ponza, an island that comes to life in summer and offers many different opportunities to tourists. Many couples actually decide to stop there, perhaps for an aperitif or a dinner with a sea view. It is an excellent time to taste the culinary specialties of the place, strictly based on fish. You cannot miss the spaghetti with the warty crab, made of crab meat, parsley and cherry tomatoes, or the catch of the day, very fresh and tasty. There are also excellent proposals for lovers of meat: the Ponzese rabbit, a second dish that has become the symbol of the island, and the lentil soup, another typical Ponza ingredient. Regardless of what you want to eat, we still recommend having dinner in a restaurant overlooking the sea: it actually is a unique moment to be shared with the person you love.
Case Ponza
Boat trip to Ponza: why to discover the island from the sea
As already mentioned, most of the beaches of Ponza are easily accessible on foot or by boat. We recommend the boat experience, which will allow you to admire the sea and the splendid Mediterranean vegetation of the island. You can rent a fishing boat and move around by yourself or taking part in an organized excursion, being led by local people. This second opportunity is perfect, because it allows you to make a whole tour of the island in a few hours: it is therefore ideal if you stay only one day and have little time available. You will be able to admire the blue and turquoise shades of the water, which will kidnap you, and discover mysterious legends on the island. So you will have the opportunity to visit areas accessible only by sea, such as the Caves of Pilate, which apparently were the private baths of Ottaviano Augusto, Chiaia di Luna, one of the best known coves on the island, and Cala Inferno, with a typical white colour. Once back in the port, you can admire the beauty of the Porto Borbonico, original and very colorful. During the journey, there will be intermediate stops, which will allow you to take a bath in unusual and unique places in the world.
Sightseeing tours usually depart from the port and have an average duration of 5 hours, with a snack or dinner on board. The beauty of the boat ride is just that: being able to combine the cultural aspect , romance and fun. Again you can organize yourself as you wish on meals: many excursions include just something to taste, while others include in the package a real meal. In many cases fresh fish dishes are offered, caught the on same day. We are sure the goodness and the quality of the proposals will amaze you and you will be looking forward to returning to Ponza again!

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