Love & Wellness: practice the art of Yoga even on vacation, to feel good about yourself and your partner

On vacation, it is very important not to abandon ourselves to vices and also take care of the health and well-being of the body and spirit. This, when you are with your partner, becomes much more interesting and above all intriguing. There are really many places to practice the art of Yoga in Rome to feel good about yourself and your partner: parks, villas, gardens and much more. Villa Borghese certainly remains the easiest park to be reached in the centre, but there are really many green pearls where you can spend a day or pleasant moments of relaxation with your partner. Here you are a guide of the most peculiar places to practice yoga outdoors in the capital.

The Giardino degli Aranci
Rome has no shortage of green spaces with splendid views and the Giardino degli Aranci, also known as Parco Savello, is definitely an excellent place to practice yoga outdoors with your partner. Located a few steps from the Circus Maximus on the idyllic Aventine hill, this oasis of peace and beauty has one of the most incredible views of the city, with the dome of San Pietro in the foreground on the horizon.
It is a perfect place to visit at any time of the day, but it is particularly suggestive and romantic at sunset, when the sky slowly changes colour and the city slowly lights up, one dome and one roof at a time. There you can practice yoga or bring a bottle of wine and snacks for an improvised aperitif at the end of the session, sitting on the ledge of the terrace overlooking the river, or in the grass sitting under the orange trees. Nearby, there is also the famous keyhole of the Knights of Malta which offers a perfect view of St. Peter's Basilica, excellent point for practicing the exercises.
The garden is fenced, so pay attention to the opening hours which vary according to the season. In the winter months, the park is open from 7am to 6pm.

Villa Ada
This is one of the main places that represents the green side of Rome. Everyone knows that Rome is chaotic and has many traffic problems, but it also has several public parks where the inhabitants go, usually on sunny weekends, to have a picnic, take dogs for a walk, play football, volleyball and other sports or just lie down and read a book under the giant pine trees about 20 metres high, showing the majesty of Rome. What better green space to practice Yoga? Maybe you will have to carve out a quieter space, but certainly early in the morning is an excellent time to enjoy this space.
The area that citizens frequent most is Il Pratone, near the catacomb of Priscilla in Via Salaria. You could get lost in Villa Ada, both on its long paths surrounded by flowers and trees and in its history: there are important ancient buildings in this place, such as the Savoia Refuge and the World War II bunker. In winter, you will find comfort and relaxation, in summer it preserves the cool and more esoteric spaces where you can practice yoga with your partner.

Villa Pamphilj
Rome (and especially the Romans) can be very noisy and stressful, so at some point you will probably feel the need to relax and practice some yoga. If you love silent unicorns flying over the rainbow smiling at the flowering trees, here is the right place to meditate or practice yoga positions in total relaxation. Villa Pamphilj is a large park of almost 190 hectares (2 million square meters), and is the favorite place of many citizens in the capital.
Villa Pamphilj was the main property of an aristocratic family and in the park it is still possible to see the residence and the chapel built by the Pamphilj's. Today the huge park is divided into three main areas: the gardens (the palace and the surrounding gardens), the pine forest and the agricultural estate (huge lawns that cover most of the park). It is impossible to emphasize how magnificent the 3 parts are and what an unexpected surprise surrounded by greenery is Villa Pamphilj.
You will find Villa Pamphilj on the Vatican side of the Tiber and there are about a hundred different entrances, but we advise you to take the one in Via Vitellia 102, getting there by tram 8, because it is a central access and you will also find a nice little bar there the park, to start the day well before the yoga session, or refresh yourself at the end of the exercises.
Benessere yoga
Parco degli Acquedotti
This is one of the most suggestive parks in Rome, in part because it is so singularly Roman to the core. Where else but in Rome would you find a huge park full of vast remains of ancient aqueducts? The park has a dramatic quality that has been recognized by numerous directors - it appears in La Dolce Vita and La Grande Bellezza, to name just a couple of films. Practicing yoga with your partner in an atmosphere that is not affected by the passage of time will be a truly unique experience.
The Parco degli Acquedotti is perfectly safe and during the day it is full of families who play football or picnic. But the great sense of the space it gives, makes it a place for relaxation and perfect contemplation. There, you will surely find your space to practice yoga exercises at any time of the day.

Treat the spirit and body by practicing yoga with your partner. Choosing one of these places, you can not only practice your daily yoga exercises, but admire the most beautiful corners of the capital. Each green space is rich in history and offers a perspective of the city, carrying out yoga activities with your partner, acquires enormous value in every place that is chosen. This is a way to make your holiday unforgettable and to taste by your body and mind unique places, which you can find only in Rome.

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