Love & Wellness: a day in one of the best beauty centres in the capital, for a couple treatment

Rome is a city to be visited up and down, given its several attractions. Walking all day and stopping for short moments, especially when the weather is hot, can be really tiring.
Since Rome is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, it is the favourite destination of many couples looking for a few days to to share together. The Eternal City is a destination loved by many tourists, because it offers a wide cultural offer. For couples, however, the journey is not limited to the training aspect only: it is a real moment of escape. Even more people want a city that offers everything: fun, beauty, but above all relaxation. This need does not only concern couples who are already married with children, but also those who have recently begun their relationship and want to deepen their knowledge. In short, everyone is always looking for a relaxing moment to disconnect from everyday worries and frenzy. For this reason, we recommend you to try Love & Wellness, one of the most popular and accredited beauty centres in Rome. It may be the ideal solution, especially after long walks, tiring shopping and stops in museums. This reality, working day by day to perfect itself, offers specific packages and treatments for couples: the SPA wants this experience to be lived in a complete way by the couple and as a concrete escape from the routine, to improve the health of its customers. .
Love & Wellness: well-being at the customer's service
Love & Wellness takes care of people, pampering them and offering them various activities. Precisely for this reason, we recommend a high-level structure like this, where capable and skilled professionals work. We know how important body care is, to be understood as an essential moment when to find yourself and your inner reality. That's why, the desire to share a moment of relaxation as a couple has to be interpreted as a real act of love towards the relationship. This is a fundamental and necessary experience, because a treatment for two people will have positive effects on your body, but above all on your mind: leaving your head free from thoughts, you will be pampered by a staff trained to fulfill your wishes. You will get happy and this relaxed attitude will allow greater balance to the couple who, due to their daily jobs, can often be the reason of numerous discussions. 

Couple treatment: what is it?
Couple treatment is an important moment, because it can satisfy that desire for romanticism that you are looking for. Unfortunately, of all the daily tasks, it is not always possible to dedicate the time you would like to your partner ; instead, creating a couple treatment will create a special atmosphere, thanks to the candles and soft lights, perfumed essences and music. You will actually be welcomed by the professionals, who will make you lie on two beds close to each other. You can choose between the various types of massages, which will be simultaneously performed. You can totally relax, leaving doubts and worries outside, and concentrating just on your well-being. In this way you will rediscover the pleasure of being in a couple, in a splendid place like Rome: this wonderful city will be the perfect setting for an unforgettable treatment and an experience to be repeated. You will be able to get massaged by experts, who will be able to touch the strings of your soul and bring out your emotion, giving life to a real dialogue.The sensations you are unable to express every day, often due to lack of time will speak on behalf of you. You will finally feel free and light, able of sharing well-being and harmony.
Beauty Wellness
Positive effects of couples treatment
If you have the impression you are overwhelmed by constant commitments or you are always in a rush, it is probably the moment to take care of your physical and mental health. This is the perfect moment to be shared with your partner: it will be an experience only for you, able to make you find the complicity you lost. Undergoing massages and treatments together has countless advantages, primarily on your body. Physical balance is regenerated, directly intervening on the nervous and hormonal system.In addition to this, you will immediately discover the positive consequences on your mood, but also on the communication within the couple. Communication within a relationship is considered obvious, sometimes superficial. We want you to start again from the bases, creating a harmony that allows you to freely speak each other , without fear, in a moment of your own. This actually is the fundamental idea: rediscovering the pleasure of small things, creating intimacy and complicity. The context will be calm and the atmosphere relaxed , overcoming together the initial embarrassment of undressing, too. You will see how, over time, you will be able to get rid of all those emotional blocks that previously held you back completely.
Research also underlines the healthy effects of this type of treatment, able of greatly improving affinity. It is no coincidence that the 91% of couples consider themselves satisfied by the attention received by Love & Wellness, so much so as to have noticed a marked improvement in the relationship with their partner. Many of them say they want to repeat the treatment and dedicate more time to their well-being, which often goes into the background. Almost all the interviewees revealed that they have an excellent memory of the experience and of Rome, cities that immediately connect to their moment of relaxation. This shows how much people's attitude affects their experiences, prompting them to want to go back to where they spent peaceful days. It is therefore an unmissable opportunity to relax together, in an atmosphere full of positivity and love. Once back home, you will feel the unstoppable call of the Eternal City to be pampered once again by the professionals of Love & Wellness.

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