Love & Luxury: would you like to have a professional photographer to catch every emotion of your holiday in Rome?

Love and luxury sail together in the sea of feelings, and what could be better than a romantic holiday in Rome to seal your love or spend some dreamy days? Catching every moment of your honeymoon, or creating ad hoc photo books with a style reflecting your way of being is becoming a prerogative of many couples, both to have a memory and many living photos, and to show themselves on social networks and add value to your profile. Hiring a professional photographer to catch every emotion of your holiday in Rome certainly is the best, easiest and most comfortable solution. Here you are a handy guide to discover the most romantic places in the capital.

Seal your love by a padlock and go through Porta San Valentino
In Flaminio district, there is one of the oldest bridges, the Milvio bridge, also known as the bridge of locks. Dating back to 1850, it was made by Pius IX and lovers are used to hook a padlock on the lampposts and then throw the keys in the Tiber. This custom dates back to 2012 in homage to the film "Ho voglia di te".
Another romantic place in the Eternal City is Porta del Popolo, located at the entrance of the square with the same name. Also known as Porta Flaminia, Porta San Valentino was the nothern entrance of the city in the 10th century and takes its name from the catacomb where the saint protector of lovers is buried. Closing a padlock on Ponte Milvio or taking a walk in Porta San Valentino are definitely two excellent ideas for taking photographs that will be part of your holiday collection. But the places to go on romantic tours don't end there.

The fountain of lovers and the obelisk of love
During its history, the capital has seen many loves born there, even among famous people. The Obelisk of Antinous is situated on Pincio hill, symbolizing the eternal love between them and the emperor Hadrian. That's thanks to Pius VII who moved this wonder in the garden, from Villa Adriana.
The Trevi Fountain is a mandatory passage: it is one of the most enchanting architectural wonders ever made, but there also is the fountain of lovers next to it. A few steps on the right of the famous fountain there is this legendary smaller fountain. According to custom, the two lovers have to drink its water to bless their love. In the past, the girl had to offer her boyfriend some water from this fountain and then break the glass. The lover who left from Rome would never forget the taste of that water and consequently that of his girlfiriend. If you want to authenticate your love by the water of the capital and professional photos, this is one of the most magical places to take shots.

The Giardino degli Aranci and the Loggia di Amore e Psiche
For a breathtaking panoramic view of the Tiber, the Giardino degli Aranci certainly is an excellent backdrop for your photos. An overview of the city and your love is what awaits you there, in one of the most romantic places where you can enjoy the most passionate view of the Roman sunsets. This garden is very popular among couples from all over the world, both tourists and citizens, it has existed since the end of the thirteenth century and every day is the protagonist of the most beautiful photos of the Eternal City.
In the heart of Trastevere there are the Loggia di Amore e Psiche and Villa Farnesina, built by the banker Agostino Chigi at the beginning of the 16th century. There you can take pictures of a Renaissance atmosphere of one of the most harmonious architecture of this period. The Loggia di Amore e Psiche was frescoed by Raphael and his pupils, the most romantic love stories from ancient Latin novels are represented there. A place not to be missed if you want to spend a romantic holiday in Rome and impress your love in an eternal image.
Macchine Gianicolo
La Fornarina and the Carlotta Fountain
Trastevere was the theatre of love between the famous painter Raffaello and Margherita Luti, also known as the Fornarina. It is said that the two lovers met for the first time near the residence the painter was frescoing in Via Santa Dorotea and that, from that meeting, Raphael fell madly in love with the girl. A painting dedicated to its representation is still kept in the Gallery of Ancient Art located in the Barberini Palace. Walking through these alleys is definitely an excellent idea for taking romantic pictures on streets set of many loves, even among illustrious people who revolutionized the history of art and more.
In the 1930s, the Carlotta Fountain was built in Garbatella district. This monument is not only the symbol of the neighbourhood located in Piazza Ricoldo da Montecroce, but also the symbol of lovers. A concrete grit basin highlights a woman's face with an independent and proud gaze, known as the Garbata Ostessa. Every day this place is crowded by couples who want to have a romantic memory among the most beautiful monuments in the capital.

The Gianicolo
If you want to end your tour admiring the splendour of the Eternal City in a breathtaking panorama, the Gianicolo dedicated to Anita and Garibaldi is the ideal setting. It is the place where Anita died and it is said Garibaldi did not want to leave her and was finally hardly persuaded to escape from the papal guards and the Austrian soldiers. This hill is very famous because every day since 1904 a blank cannon shot tells the exact time in Rome, at 12 o'clock pm.
There are so many places to visit to take your romantic pictures in Rome... we have just indicated the most famous ones in this article, but also taking a walk under the Colosseum or crossing the Imperial Forums, is an excellent background for your romantic holiday. Write Rome backwards and the "Amor" comes out, the Italian word to say "love": if you are your loved one and a professional photographer, your memories will be truly unique and magical.

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