Love & Luxury: the Eternal City Tour by Limousine to spend a romantic evening full of emotions

Rome, a romantic beauty
We take the liberty of giving you a suggestion for a weekend marked by an indispensable romanticism, indicating Rome as a truly special destination.
You have almost certainly already had the opportunity to visit the Eternal City and admire famous monuments all over the world that testify to the beauty of this city, but our advice is to experience it in an unusual way to savor magical and, in part, unknown atmospheres. The first indication we give you is not to choose the usual hotel that can be located anywhere in the world, so anonymous and with no personality, but to opt for the Jeune Boutique Hotel for your stay: a truly exclusive and luxurious accommodation. You will be able to reserve the suite that will host you during your stay between two stimulating solutions: San Carlo Suites, in the central Via del Corso or the Gigli d'Oro suites near Piazza Navona. Once you found the place to find full intimacy accompanied by unparalleled comfort, you can think about how to organize an evening capable of giving an indelible memory to a couple who intends to celebrate a special event or, simply, eager to experience emotions destined to embellish the sentimental relationship.

By Night, by a Limousine
There's really only one way: Rome is beautiful in any context you experience it. But when evening approaches, you can breathe a different and rarefied atmosphere.
Our second indication is to get a romantic city tour by limousine. You will have a discreet driver at your disposal, expert of Rome, to accompany you during a tour of the capital that could be what we suggest.
Start by admiring the sunset from the Belvedere of Parco degli Aranci, on the Aventino. In this well-kept garden with orange trees overlooking the underlying Tiber, you will enjoy a panoramic view of Rome. You will be able to enjoy a unique setting: the setting sun inflames the sky which takes on colours that turn from orange to red and then purple before turning blue and letting the first stars of the evening shine through, it will be the canvas where the city skyline reverberates and where to recognize the dome of San Pietro, the pines of the Gianicolo, the roofs of many palaces and other domes of churches and bell towers. You can consider this moment as an advance of others who will follow it and will make you see a different Rome from the chaotic and busy one that exists during the day. You will understand the city has no difficulty showing its many faces and that it is sufficient to find them only in the most appropriate places and times.
The second stage of this suggested itinerary will take you to enjoy an aperitif before having dinner in a romantic restaurant in the centre. Your driver will have no difficulty in accompanying you near Via della Pace which you will reach with a short walk. In this typical place wedged between narrow streets and alleys behind Piazza Navona, you will be able to let yourself be carried away by your imagination while the echo of your steps on the pavement will turn into an almost hypnotic leit motif. The old walls of the buildings that frame the scene will have a unique charm if you know how to enjoy it as well as the facade of the Baroque church that closes the street splitting it in two parts. This will pervade you and it will make you impervious to the noises of the nightlife that animates the street full of places where you meet.
After tasting your cocktail, retracing your steps, return to the Limousine to continue the tour still following our itinerary.
San pietro notte
What about after dinner?
After being accompanied to a small restaurant in the centre according to your tastes, avoid going to Trastevere because, in addition to a confusion that certainly does not invite romanticism, it is a district so exploited for tourists that the magic of the past remains only a memory and nothing more.
Instead, ask to reach Garbatella. This neighbourhood is a true enclave of Roman times still present. Built at the beginning of the last century to house families of workers who worked on the construction of what would have become Via della Conciliazione and the arrangement of the banks of the Tiber (a port area never built). For the construction of the Garbatella, land belonging to the noble Torlonia family was expropriated and turned into a district built in an architectural style that mixed the Umbertino with the Liberty with low houses, large green spaces, gentle stairways and restful squares where the mothers gathered to let their children play. Speaking about Romanity in this area, it should be noted it has been jealously protected from external incursions since the popular houses are inhabited from father to son, leaving unchanged an ancient DNA that still emerges overbearing today.
To fully enjoy the Rome of the past, we invite you to quietly walk along streets without traffic where in the summer, you can still hear the crickets singing their melodies and enjoy this sort of garden city starting from the Baroque Piazza Brin, which can be called the beating heart of the Garbatella. Among the fragrances of flower beds and a discreet darkness, it will not be difficult to let yourself be carried away by the feeling before returning to the Limousine that is accompanying you on this very special tour.
Before returning to the Jeune Boutique Hotel, we allow ourselves to give you one last tip by inviting you to be accompanied by your driver to the Zodiac, on the top of Monte Mario. Unlike other viewpoints of the city such as the Pincio on one side or the Parco degli Aranci on the other side of the Tiber which allow you a partial view of the city, at the Zodiac you will find Rome waiting for you at your feet. In the darkness of an enchanting night, the thousands of lights that illuminate the life of every area of the city, you can admire the Eternal City in a splendid unicum where it will not be difficult to recognize the Dome of San Pietro, the Altare della Patria, the sinuous course of the Tiber, the nearby Olympic stadium with the Foro Italico and so on until you see the gentle hills of the Castelli Romani.

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