Love & Luxury: discovering the most beautiful squares in the historical centre of Rome by a horse-drawn carriage

A square behind almost every corner characterises Rome, each with its own unique atmosphere: discovering the most beautiful ones of the historical centre, by a horse-drawn carriage certainly is a great way to spend a romantic holiday with your partner. Here you are the most beautiful squares in the Capital, to be admired trotting with your beloved.

Piazza Navona
You can walk along the ancient stadium of Domitian there, where sporting events used to take place: the name comes from the dedication to Agone, god of games. In the ancient times, thanks to its concave surface, the square was literally flooded for theatrical events that represented naval battles: a unique spectacle. This is a truly romantic square where to bring your beloved: with its spectacular fountain, it is a place that will make give you a one-of-a-kind journey of love. Are you ready to go towards romanticism?

Campo de' Fiori
Location of one of the most historical and colourful markets in Rome, Campo de' Fiori should be visited in the morning, when locals and visitors challenge each other buying fresh products. Crossing this place by carriage will make it magic, and it will honour your love and make you feel like two lovebirds. The name literally refers to a field of flowers, as it was in the ancient times, before being transformed into a public square used for executions (note the threatening statue of the heretic Giordano Bruno, burned at the stake on this site in 1600). We suggest you to visit this area at sunrise or sunset for a decidedly sweeter, more colourful and romantic effect.

Piazza di Spagna
With the iconic Piazza di Spagna and its several shops and designer boutiques, your romantic journey will take on a refined and elegant aspect. This square is the centerpiece of Rome's high class and one of the most sensual, immediately recognizable places in the city. Go there early in the morning, to admire the famous empty staircase, just for you, or join the crowd at sunset, when the square is illuminated by a rosy glow, and then climb to the top of the steps to take some photos taking advantage of one of the most romantic views of the Eternal City.

Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere
Piazza Santa Maria is the centre of the picturesque and always trendy Trastevere neighbourhood, located south of the Tiber River. During the day, the square is a quiet and relaxing place to sit and admire the church with the same name, but in the evening, it becomes a hive of activity with locals enjoying an aperitif, street artists and musicians entertaining the crowd. We recommend you pass there by your carriage late at night, to enjoy the marvelous spectacle of a real centre of aggregation, as well as the view of the Tiber when the sunset is reflected in its waters.

Piazza del Campidoglio
Michelangelo designed the geometric Piazza del Campidoglio and the surrounding buildings that today house the Musei Capitolini, home of some of the most important ancient Roman artifacts, as well as the Rome City Hall. A great staircase leads to the square dominated by a copy of a bronze equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius found inside the museums. You can enjoy all the wonders of the capital comfortably seated in your carriage. If you have time, go down towards the balcony at the back of the square for an unparalleled view from the Roman Forum to the Colosseum.

Piazza San Pietro
Piazza della Rotonda
When you turn the corner into Piazza della Rotonda, you will immediately find yourself in front of the majestic grandeur of the Pantheon, the best preserved temple in Rome dating back to the 2nd century and it now is an active church. The square itself, with its beautiful fountain and lively cafes, is the place to admire the incredible feat of ancient engineering as you hug yourselves and get carried away by the relaxing pace of horses.

Piazza San Pietro
The vast area of Piazza San Pietro offers the perfect approach to the Basilica, the largest church in the world and symbol of the Vatican. Savouring this historical place from a carriage will be a pleasure for all the senses and your beloved will also be blessed by the Lord. The two large colonnades were designed by Bernini to represent welcoming arms and the square was built to increase the enormity of the building and allow as many people as possible to see the Pope. You can pass there in the evening, when the hordes of tourists have dispersed. The empty square and the church are beautifully illuminated by a very warm and suggestive light.

Piazza del Popolo
Admiring one of the largest squares in Rome from a carriage will be truly romantic. Piazza del Popolo is almost perfectly symmetrical, from the twin churches on the southern edge to the fountains on both sides, whereas the centre of the square is dominated by the imposing Egyptian obelisk. The size of the square makes it a frequent venue for concerts and events on summer months. We suggest you to pass there in the less crowded hours, for example, early in the morning or at sunset.

Piazza della Madonna dei Monti
Piazza della Madonna dei Monti is the little but lively social and trendy focus of the district, the favourite meeting point of young people during the hot summer nights. You can admire the pretty architecture of the area or stop to have a beer or an aperitif, sitting on a bench next to the fountain, to finally continue your journey discovering the most beautiful squares in Rome.

Piazza Mattei
Piazza Mattei is a small and quiet square in the Jewish quarter of Rome: it gives an air of peace and tranquility at any time of day or night. This beautiful square is famous for the gently dripping waters of the Fontana delle Tartarughe, designed by the architect Giacomo della Porta in the 16th century. You can spend any time of the day and enjoy your love tour in peace there.

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