Love & Luxury: an unforgettable experience visiting the Tiber Valley by a hot-air baloon

For all lovers, the city of Rome is an enchanted place, its romanticism and beauty definitely make it the favourite place to spend special time in sweet company. Visiting the districts of the centre, walking holding hands, being amazed by works of art representing the foundation of our history, promising infinite love by looking at illuminated landscapes at night: Rome is a fascinating and enchanting place to share with those you love.
And yet, for all the couples who want to indulge in a sweet escape and seal their love by a truly unique moment, there is something that goes beyond and it is affirmed as the maximum experience to live together in these eternal places: visit the Tiber Valley by a hot-air balloon. It can be an original gift, the gift of an unforgettable experience or the perfect moment to ask the big question, the wonderful and exciting skies of Rome and its surroundings will give your love a new perspective.

Hot-air balloon ride over the Tiber Valley
The places you can fly over are the outskirts of Rome and the territories over the renowned Tiber Valley. The route is always original, not a fixed route but a true unrepeatable flight whose landing place is unknown: it will be only yours and unique!
From the top of the sky, you can see the evocative panorama of the Capitoline territories, a complete view that will point to the horizon, from the exciting height of about 500 metres. From there you can go down and get closer to the fascinating Roman countryside, filled with wheat fields and romantic sunflower fields. The flight will go through the millennial historical ruins and the countless sites of great archaeological importance belonging to the Roman territories, among which you can admire amphitheatres and inimitable finds telling the fascinating epoch of Ancient Rome. The enchanted journey will continue towards the course of the Tiber, where you will fall in love with the wonderful countryside around the Eternal City: history, culture and incredible beauty will fill your eyes and heart, a truly magical opportunity to celebrate your love! In addition to the surroundings of the Capital, it will be possible to admire the epic Roman hills, characterized by their typical, natural and uncontaminated appearance with the wonderful villages that will be even more exciting and evocative from above. The Roman countryside will be the background of your moment of love and sharing.
Fiume Tevere Roma
Hot-air balloon tour: how it works
If you decided to live this wonderful and unforgettable experience, it is useful to know all the organizational details. First of all, you will immediately know the place of take-off whereas, as mentioned before, the landing place is unknown and will depend on the personal and unrepeatable route your journey will take, guided by the wind and the wisdom of the pilot chosen for you, for about one hour.
The maximum height the balloon will reach is about 500 metres, from where the view will be breathtaking, open to 360 degrees, and you will have a full view of what surrounds you, from the earth to the sky. The highly trained pilot will take care of driving the balloon throughout the journey. Take-off is usually expected during the morning, so that your flight benefits from the best weather conditions and favorable wind.

Visiting the Tiber Valley
As we have mentioned, the Eternal City is a must for a romantic journey, even more if you decide to indulge in such a unique experience as a panoramic hot-air balloon flight, over all the surrounding territories, set in the fascinating Valle del Tevere, where nature is the great protagonist. From above, it will be possible to admire the evocative Roman countryside, among centuries-old olive groves, cultivated fields and fascinating beech and oak woods. Here and there, you will be able to observe pastures and wild areas, ideal for the admirers of the truest nature. The silent flow of the Tiber, over time, has given rise to an intense vegetation that decorates the banks, where the migration of numerous ornithological species lands.
The landscape you can admire from 500 metres high will be truly unforgettable and once you arrive at your destination, you can choose to discover the amazing Tiber Valley by land, taking numerous possible routes, based on your wishes and interests. In the town of Mompeo, for example, it is possible, to visit a naturalistic pearl, a Natural Monument for the spectacular Farfa Gorges. The more adventurous couples can visit the shores of the river with the same name and live a truly unique experience. The Tiber can be navigated by special tourist boats, whereas along its interesting course, it will be possible to have exciting excursions of various types, on foot or by bicycle, for the couples loving sport.
For your romantic dinners, if you decide to spend a few days in the towns of the Tiber Valley, it is good to know the local cuisine is distinctive and it has popular origin, very rich in tasty features and genuine products, thanks to the several dairies and farms able to produce and promote typical products of excellent quality. The Tiber Valley is one of the most suitable areas to spend a romantic weekend in the Roman surroundings, also thanks to the presence of its marvelous castles, evidence of a distant and suggestive history, set in villages with a unique charm and surrounded by breathtaking views.
We are talking about the ruins of Roccabaldesca, for example, dating back to the 10th century, in the town of Salisano, perched on a hill immersed in the surrounding nature, or the marvelous Rocca Guidonesca, stopped in time and surrounded by ancient houses now abandoned. If you want to experience an exciting, truly romantic moment able to seal your love even more, then, all you have to do is give yourself a spectacular flight over the Tiber Valley by a hot-air balloon: it will be an unforgettable and unique experience!

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