Love & Wellness: regain wellness and complicity with a couple's massage

Rome is the eternal city, a magic place where you can spend days of absolute carefree with your partner. All the magic and romance of the capital will be even more appreciated with a couple's massage during their vacation.
Each couple must find spaces for themselves, in order to create that unique atmosphere where they can find the complicity and perfect harmony. Everyday stress and problems sometimes wear out time destined for pampering and mutual attention. To keep your relationship firm and alive, to overcome a moment of particular tension, there is no better idea than to give yourself a couple's massage.
Massage is a practice with real benefits: it helps to relax the body and the mind, regenerates the hormonal and nervous systems and overall helps the body regain the right balance; therefore, running it as a couple not only allows you to take part in a new, profound experience, where the emotional and physical side is involved as well as finding together an actual well-being.
A sensation of pleasure is connected to the massage, so that the partner will then share in the relationship. All the positive energy released and good mood, will be a concrete way to exalt that moment of care of the body, and, in a certain sense, it becomes an act of love for the partner. Relief generates a sense of gratitude in the other, that's why there is nothing better than a couple's massage to seal up a wound.
Choosing a place like Rome, symbol of passion and love in the collective imagination, will emphasize the environment even more: when you find yourself transmitting warmth and intimacy. Imagine a magic moment with your partner, relaxing music, candles, perfumed essences and hands that can relieve body fatigue and spirit turbulence. In short, there's no denying: a couple's massage is a real cure-all you should give yourself very often, because even these gestures and these little relaxing escapes serve to find the well-being of a couple.

Benefits of couple massage: harmony and well-being
A couple's massage allows first of all to strengthen the union between the two participants, in a sharing context, to take advantage of this magic moment to chat, exchange opinions and opinions, too. You are relaxed, without filters, and it is easier to relate to the other with greater confidence to externalize what you want. In addition to improving communication, this type of massage helps to resolve the daily stress that creeps into every couple. Everyday routine, bills, home, children but also everyday difficulties make the body accumulate a high amount of negativity. A couple's massage simultaneously restores a level of peace and relaxation that helps create a new harmony. Obviously, one of the reasons why many long-standing agreements choose to take part in a two-person massage is also because this turns on the senses, and is therefore ideal for all those who want to find the spark.

Overcoming shame to open up to the other
For some people, undergoing a couple's massage is almost a stress, the idea of having to undress, especially for men, can be an obstacle. However, it is good to remember that you make this journey with your partner, who can also be a dear friend. This means that they are someone you trust, you can open up yourself in complete freedom. We must peacefully participate and enjoy this moment of pure emotional and sensorial involvement that allows us to find the right balance: a stimulating journey, a thought that will benefit the body, giving a feeling of complete rebirth.
During the massage, the relationship is greatly strengthened because you get to know each other better. We must take advantage of this context to let ourselves go, perhaps taking advantage of the opportunity if there are tensions or difficulties in the couple.
Salviette massaggio
Studies show the importance of massage for the well-being of the couple
For the more skeptical, it is possible to know that many studies have shown the benefits of massages on the body and mind. In general, it has been documented that after a massage, the hormones responsible of aggressive behaviors and those that balance stress significantly decrease. The feeling of well-being that is generated and that seems almost obvious because one is subjected to a relaxing technique, energizing with oils, stones and particular movements, is due to a real mechanism established in the body. The lowering of certain values in the blood is the tangible demonstration that the sensations we experience during a massage session directly derive from an instantaneous improvement of the body.
A research from the Northumbria University of Newcastle has shown that a couple's massage helps the life of a couple. The participants were put under scrutiny for three weeks, they had massages with different timing, to understand how these affected the couple's life. The results followed the positive effect of the transition on the two partners. In 91% of the cases, the couples got improved by the experience, all the participants have deeply appreciated the possibility of enjoying a moment of relaxation with their partner and everyone thought they would suggest a couple of friends to make a treatment to find harmony and complicity. The benefits highlighted were not only of those who already had experiences with individual massages but also of those couples who had never taken part in a similar treatment and therefore found themselves confronted for the first time in a relaxing and intimate environment.

Massages have always been highly appreciated, practicing them in pairs means finding new life, relaxing and spending a moment of peace and serenity. This practice is good for those who need to find themselves but also for new couples, to consolidate their relationship and their intimacy. It is a real cure-all that allows an escape from stress and thoughts that kill the relationship to two, a real life experience that is very pleasant, provided it is performed by experts in the field, capable and synchronized with the recipient.

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