Couples holidays in Rome: how a luxury and personalized courtesy set can improve your stay

There is nothing more romantic than spending a couple's holidays in Rome, in a city where every street corner is able to narrate centuries of history and adventures that happened in this magical place, a destination crowded with tourists from all over the world. There are many accommodations that host tourists, but if you want a magic holiday, you only have to choose the best ones, for example Jeune Boutique Hotel, which offers numerous apartments and rooms, and where you can spend an unforgettable holidays, having numerous services such as a luxury and personalized courtesy set, which can surely improve your stay.

Jeune Boutique Hotel for a fabulous stay in Rome
This property offers numerous solutions for all needs, if you want to spend a dream holiday in the centre of the capital, surrounded by the charm of an elegant and comfortable medieval building, this is the most suitable hotel. There are numerous suites of different features but all very elegant and spacious, the charm of the building built in 1400 is accompanied by the modernity of the structure, able to offer the best service to every tourist. Each apartment and suite is centrally located.

Gigli d'Oro Suite
The Gigli D'Oro Suite offers the maximum of romance in 6 superlative solutions: it takes its name by the street where it is located, in the heart of the city a few steps from the Tiber, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and Castel Sant'Angelo. The watchword is the magic of the structure that manages to offer a luxury stay, where modernity meets the past and the result is the irresistible charm of those who do not want to give up anything. Peculiar for honeymoon holidays, this suite offers an exclusive and dynamic environment, an oasis of happiness for those who want to enjoy privacy and have the city at their fingertips. The location is great, just set foot on the street to find yourself in the beating heart of the Eternal City and enjoy its ancient charm.

San Carlo Suite
The San Carlo Suite is located between Piazza del Popolo and Via Condotti, in Via del Corso, a shopping centre and busy street. This is a quiet solution for those who love relaxation and privacy, you will also have all comforts available in a structure at the highest levels. San Carlo Excecutive Apartament is the ideal solution for the whole family. The suites and apartments are very spacious and complete with all comforts and services, you can spend a romantic holiday in complete relaxation or have fun with the whole family. For more information or to view the suites and apartments, click here and go to the website.
You will have the sensation of being at home in a context where excellence is the watchword, a prestigious building where you can breathe a warm and welcoming atmosphere, from the furnishings to the design of the structure. Do not be satisfied by just any hotel, choosing the best is like spending a dream stay in the most beautiful city in the world, able to offer its entire history through monuments, churches and archeology.

What to visit? Castel Sant'Angelo
A mausoleum, a fortress, a hiding place, a museum ... The way a castle has assumed a myriad of roles throughout its life remains an object of fascination today. Rome offers an abundance of monuments rich in history and legends, but Castel Sant'Angelo truly embodies the essence of the transformation of the city over the centuries. Each visitor admires this work of art in a different way; some will be amazed by its treasures, while others will be chilled at the thought of the number of lives lost in battle in the same place. Whatever the experience, it is worth of it.
The history of Castel Sant'Angelo is as complex as the multi-level structure of the castle itself. Its walls have seen more than 1800 years of blood, wars and death. It was built for the first time between 123 and 139 AD to serve as a mausoleum for the Roman emperor Hadrian and his family. Legend tells the name of the castle was given after the Archangel Michael appeared on top of the castle with his sword, ending the 590 plague that tormented Rome. An imposing angel statue can be seen on top of the castle. In the 14th century, Castel Sant'Angelo assumed the role of military fortress connected to the Vatican through an elevated passage that still exists today, Passetto di Borgo. Later on, it was used as a prison; a place where executions took place and where prisoners were left to starve. In 1901, it became a wonderfully rich museum with relics of its tumultuous past. Today, it embellishes the Roman skyline with its golden lights and is visited by many people during their stay in Rome.

Piazza Navona
Did you know that it was a stadium and flooded for the conduct of naval war games in the ancient Roman times?
If you look at a map of Rome, you can admire the shape of Piazza Navona, it is something similar to a large oval-shaped stadium. And that's exactly what it was in ancient Rome. The emperor Domitian ordered the built of the stadium in 86 AD. It was called Circus Agonalis - from the Greek agones. The stadium could hold up to 30,000 spectators (about half of the Colosseum). It was used for all types of games, including athletic competitions of the Greeks who paraded naked. Sometimes, they would even flood the stadium and hold fake naval battles there. (At the beginning, they used it for gladiator games, then the Colosseum was struck by a lightning in the 3rd century.) The name "Navona" could derive from an evolution of the original name "in Agone" in "Navone". Or, it could be because "Navona" means "big ship", referring to the fake naval battles taking place there.
Staying at the Jeune Boutique Hotel apartments means being in the epicenter of Roman history. What better way to experience a dream vacation between luxury and archaeology?

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