Couples holidays in Rome: a walk in Trastevere, to discover romantic views, historical shops and trendy clubs

To spend a day immersed in beauty, good food and some of the most romantic views of the capital, you need to go to Trastevere. It is one of the most characteristic neighbourhoods of the city and it is no coincidence that locals still call it "er core de Roma" (the heart of Rome) by virtue of its authenticity, preserved intact over the centuries. Trastevere is a continuous coming and going of people, who every day crowd its streets, its alleys and the wonderful squares in search of unmissable views and historical shops.
For those who love history and can't wait to breathe that typically Roman atmosphere, Trastevere undoubtedly is the ideal place. And now let's take a look at the most suggestive areas of Trastevere, without neglecting trendy bars and historical shops.

The liveliest neighbourhood in the capital
According to many people, Trastevere is the liveliest and most frequented district of Rome, by virtue of the many night clubs, the hundreds of artisan shops that shore its historic streets and, above all, the many suggestive views. The name of the district has ancient origins and dates back to the Latin "trans Tiberim", or "beyond the Tiber". In the ancient Rome, the area where Trastevere stands was not inhabited by citizens but reserved to immigrants from Syria and the Middle East first and then to the Jewish community. Emperor Augustus inserted the neighbourhood in the urban regions, although later, by the demographic decline recorded in the Middle Ages, the whole area emptied again. Trastevere began to populate again only in the 14th century, when merchants and artisans started building their own shops. Today, exactly as in the past, the neighbourhood is full of shops and markets, stormed every day by citizens and tourists. All the streets of Trastevere reach the central Piazza Trilussa, which overlooks the Tiber giving romantic views, especially at sunset. Not far away, there is another beautiful square, the one dedicated to Santa Maria in Trastevere, the true beating heart of the neighbourhood.

The artisan shops of Trastevere
Beyond historical attractions, including the church of Santa Maria in Trastevere and the Casa Mattei complex, the neighbourhood offers some of the most interesting shops in the city, often identical to what they once were.
The alleys of the neighbourhood are a succession of shops that have remained almost unchanged over time and among these is the famous laboratory of Anna Retico, one of the best known in the city, dedicated to all those who love to wear jewelry and jewelry. It is located a short distance from Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere. A good dose of imagination and out of the ordinary proposals are the main ingredients of the Roman artist's creations. You can also buy lamps and other furnishings. Some creations signed by Anna Retico are even exhibited in the Moma library in New York and at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. In Piazza Sant'Apollonia, on the other hand, there is a mono-brand craft shop that produces tailored clothing for children. Its name is Trast and the brand's goal is to defeat the approval created by fashions and trends, offering everyone the opportunity to wear clothes outside the box. All the items are hand-drawn and made using quality materials.
"Er pizzicagnolo", the grocery store run by the Longhi brothers, is located in Via San Francesco a Ripa, near Piazza San Cosimato. The shop is still a point of reference for the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, ideal for routine shopping, but also for enjoying the famous stuffed sandwiches. Stopping there, you can choose from a wide range of cuts and cheese, both national and regional, but also wine, oil and artisan liqueurs from all over Italy. It is forbidden to leave without having tasted the homemade bread, produced in the family oven exactly as it was done in the past.
Another unmissable place is the Dairy, located where centuries ago there was a stable where the locals used to buy fresh milk. The dishes on the menu change according to the seasons and the offer is very limited, in order to guarantee always fresh raw materials. The other feature of Latteria is the restaurant supplies itself exclusively to small local shops to offer farm-to-table products. The meat used for the tartare is that of the Bottega Liberati, the vegetables are those of Er Cimotto and the fish is by Moreno Cedroni, all historical shops of Trastevere.
The places not to be missed
In this case, the choice is truly infinite. Among the places you can't miss Brakes and Clutches is in Via del Politeama. It is located near Piazza Trilussa and it offers one of the best aperitifs in the city, with a buffet specially dedicated to vegetarians. Its name has now become a real brand; the atmosphere is fresh, youthful and international, considering the amount of tourists.
Impossible to leave Trastevere without first stopping by VinAllegro, a must for the aperitif in the Trastevere area, open every day from 5pm until late at night. The restaurant offers a truly enviable selection of wines, beers, cocktails and spirits.
One of the most refined places in Trastevere is Pimm's Good, whose menu also includes excellent food proposals. The atmosphere is soft and intimate and the cocktails are tasty and refined and there are exceptional cheese and cold cuts. The musical offer is also excellent, equally divided between jazz and blues, ideal if you have a romantic evening in mind.
One of the most intriguing proposals undoubtedly is that of Soqquadro Art Gallery, located in Via Garibaldi. There, it is possible to put together lovers of art and live music, thanks to the presence of an art gallery full of sculptures, photos and paintings, to be observed while enjoying one of the delicious cocktails on the menu.

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