Romantic Rome: a romantic tour on a historical tram, tasing your dinner accompanied by jazz music...

Nowadays, we know how important experience is, especially on holiday. We want the couples we host to experience an unparalleled moment, especially in a city like Rome offering so many opportunities. Among the several possibilities, we propo...

Love & Wellness: a day in one of the best beauty centres in the capital, for a couple treatment

Rome is a city to be visited up and down, given its several attractions. Walking all day and stopping for short moments, especially when the weather is hot, can be really tiring.Since Rome is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, it is th...

Love & Luxury: would you like to have a professional photographer to catch every emotion of your holiday in Rome?

Love and luxury sail together in the sea of feelings, and what could be better than a romantic holiday in Rome to seal your love or spend some dreamy days? Catching every moment of your honeymoon, or creating ad hoc photo books with a style reflecting your way of being is becomin...

Couples holidays in Rome: how a luxury and personalized courtesy set can improve your stay

There is nothing more romantic than spending a couple's holidays in Rome, in a city where every street corner is able to narrate centuries of history and adventures that happened in this magical place, a destination crowded with tourists from all over the world. There are many ac...

For your Romantic Stay us of

 Romantic Escape

 suggest you


Gigli d'Oro

Enchant and seduce between modernity, sophisticated design and a careful and elegant reference to the past. A few steps from Piazza Navona, Gigli d'Oro Suite awaits you in the historic center of Rome with 6 formidable luxury suites.

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San Carlo

The San Carlo Suite Exclusive Town House, synonymous with excellence, prestige and tranquility, is in a prestigious historic building in the historic center of Rome, more precisely in Via del Corso, 112, between Piazza del Popolo and Via Condotti.

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San Carlo Executive

Still on Via del Corso, one of the most important streets in Rome, in a delightful building you will find a refined apartment with a coffered ceiling in soft colors, ideal for a holiday with family or friends.

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